why isn't anyone ever just whelmed
20 / oregon
i like tv and giant robots
also, my xbox
watching: young justice
playing: bioshock infinite & fallout: new vegas
shipping: daryl/beth, dick grayson/me
part of the pan pacific defense corps network




Black teens being profiled in a publix grocery store (x

WTF! At least they got him

We live in a post-racial society though.

comic book meme
2/5 favourite female characters: cassie lang (stature)


Aveline de Grandpré ◆ Assassin's Creed III: Liberation


this bra makes it hard to breathe but it makes my boobs look banging - a story by me


i still don’t understand the whole “fake geek girl” thing like????

oh, you caught me dude, I stayed up till 6am reading a 50,000 word fic about tony stark and steve rogers having butt sex just to impress you

Just an outlaw. [for peterj-sonquill]

headcanon away the pain just headcanon it right

i finished young justice

i’m dead inside

Teen Wolf, season 2